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Autism affects 1 in 44 children in the US alone. At project MIND, Inc., in North Las Vegas, Nevada, the team of behavioral health specialists provides trauma-informed and family-centered care for individuals with autism. The team uses evidence-based techniques, such as applied behavioral analysis (ABA), to treat the symptoms of autism in children and adults. To learn more about autism, call project MIND, Inc., or schedule an appointment online today.

What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that causes difficulties in social interactions, verbal communication, and behavior. There are varying degrees of autism. While some individuals with autism are high-functioning at work, school, and social interactions, others require lifelong care.

Early intervention is essential for treating autism. While there is no cure for autism, interventional therapy can help treat the symptoms of the disorder and set your loved one up for success in life.

What are the signs of autism?

Most individuals receive an autism diagnosis during early childhood. Some develop communication, social, and behavioral skills during early childhood, but regress as they age. Lack of verbal communication and behavioral changes are telltale signs of autism in young children.

Other common signs of autism include:

Avoiding eye contactNot playing with other childrenRepetitive behaviorsHyperfixation on certain objectsHypersensitivity to certain tastes, smells, and texturesDelayed languageAnxietyDelayed cognitive abilitiesInattentive behaviorExtreme mood swings

At project MIND, Inc., the team of behavioral health specialists takes a collaborative approach to care that can help address some of the early warning signs of autism. The earlier children with autism receive interventional care, the more likely they are to communicate effectively, regulate behavioral challenges, and improve other common symptoms of the disorder.

What are the treatments for autism?

The team at project MIND, Inc., works directly with families to find the right treatment plan for every client. Once of the most common treatments for autism is applied behavioral analysis (ABA), a type of therapy that focuses on evaluating learning and behavior to help teach and improve life skills in individuals with developmental disorders.

Positive reinforcement is the foundation of ABA therapy. The goal is to change unhelpful behaviors with rewards. The right strategy can help turn a negative behavior into a positive one.

Some of the core values of ABA therapy include:


The antecedent refers to the action, command, or request that occurs before an anticipated behavior. For example, if a child with autism struggles to complete tasks at school, the behavioral health therapist establishes a reward of the child’s choosing and asks them to complete their assignment.


A behavior is a response or reaction to the antecedent.


The consequence is what happens after the behavior. Using the same example, if the child completes their task, they get their reward. If they respond negatively by failing to complete their task, the therapist doesn’t deliver their reward.

ABA therapy isn’t a one-time treatment. It can take weeks, months, and years to replace unhelpful behaviors with positive ones.

To learn more about autism, call project MIND, Inc. at (725) 444-8083, or schedule an appointment online today.


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