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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome causes lifelong social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. At project MIND, INC., in North Las Vegas, Nevada, the team of behavioral specialists offers evidence-based solutions to help children cope with the challenges of fetal alcohol syndrome.

What is fetal alcohol syndrome?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition that can cause physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive abnormalities. The condition results from the mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Consuming any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. There’s no amount considered to be safe.

In fact, drinking alcohol during the first trimester (three months) significantly increases the risk of miscarriage and poor brain development. Meanwhile, drinking alcohol in the later stages of pregnancy can also impact brain and vestibular development. That’s why physicians recommend stopping the moment you learn you’re pregnant.

What are the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome?

The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome often depend on the severity of the condition. However, most children with the condition experience physical defects, learning difficulties, and cognitive challenges that can be hard to navigate without the right care.

Common symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome include:

Joint and limb deformitiesSmall eyes and thin lipsSmall head and brainLearning challengesPoor balance and coordinationProblem-solving difficultiesPoor memoryMood swingsLow social skillsDifficulty concentratingTrouble switching tasks

Many symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome mimic other conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), so it’s important to seek a diagnosis as early as possible for the appropriate treatment.

What are the treatments for fetal alcohol syndrome?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a lifelong condition that requires a multidisciplinary approach to treat. The behavioral specialists at project MIND, Inc., offer evidence-based treatment for the social, emotional, behavioral, and learning aspects of fetal alcohol syndrome.

One of the most effective treatments for this disorder is applied behavioral analysis (ABA), a type of therapy that uses positive reinforcement and incentives to encourage positive behaviors.

After performing a comprehensive assessment, your child’s behavioral specialist creates an individualized ABA treatment plan to:

  • Improve language and communication skills

  • Encourage play with toys and other children

  • Reduce negative outburstsEnhance concentration

  • Learn appropriate behaviors

  • Stay on task

  • Learn new life skills (showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc.)


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